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Photography by:YUKAI

Kanda Nishiki-cho in Tokyo is the birthplace of universities and retains its early modern Japanese atmosphere even today, with many universities, high schools, and publishing companies gathered there.

Yasuda Real Estate organized the first part of its project to renovate this area, which can be called the company's hometown. This project involved utilizing the 56-year-old former office building of a printing company.

It required a unique project plan with a high ripple effect on urban development. 

We proposed that "sauna" plays a leading role as a place where city dwellers can stop by and take a break from their busy everyday lives before finally returning with a sense of ease.

The sauna-centered project attracted a variety of collaborators, resulting in the birth of a cultural complex that far exceeded expectations.

The generally hard-to-utilize underground space has been converted into a sauna in analogy with its origin.

Aside from having a studio on the first floor that can be used as a gallery and photo studio, the building's tenants have opened cafes and shops. For some reason, there's even a tearoom.

The area now resembles a bustling harbor market. On the second and third floors are the classroom studios of the Hobonichi School, providing new learning opportunities.

Since its opening, people have been visiting each floor, with the inter-floor collaboration events promoting exchanges. In cooperation with the neighboring stores, more and more people have been strolling around town, showing that this is a definite trigger for the town's revitalization.





Rather than being led by a plan to attract visitors, we designed the project emphasizing the motivation and process of creating a place that we, as urban dwellers, really want ourselves.


As for the exterior, the first floor was extensively renovated to be more open to the city. The necessary earthquake-resistant reinforcement walls were also plastered with natural clay to transform them into the "face" of the facility. Our priority for the entire exterior was to harmonize it with the streetscape by keeping the texture to a minimum, renewing the plaster and repairing the tiles.


For the interior, we carefully selected and added materials and forms that blend and sometimes contrast with the signature humanistic spatial details of the architecture of the 1960s while retaining the details' quality. As a whole, the interior was designed to evoke a sense of warmth and tenderness rather than eccentricity.

April 2021


Yasuda Real Estate Co.,Ltd.


YUKAI Co., Ltd.


Project Planning Support
Architectural and Interio
r Design Direction
Furniture Design

Design Partner : 株式会社 須藤剛建築設計事務所
Construction : 飛島建設 株式会社、株式会社 デザインアーク


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